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African Movie Channel (AMC) is a global player in the rapidly expanding African film industry which is now the second largest film industry in the world. African Movie Channel's 24-hour linear channel dedicated to the best Nollywood and African movies and series is available across 14 countries, and is one of the most popular channels in Africa.

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African Movie Channel Series (AMC Series)

African Movie Channel Series (AMC Series)


…Bringing You Real African Drama

African Movie Channel Series (AMC Series) is a premium African entertainment channel showcasing the best and award-winning TV soaps, comedy and drama from Nigeria, peppered with some of the best series from the rest of Africa, 24 hours a day for the whole family. AMC Series together with AMC, provide the full package of unrivalled top-tier Nollywood and African TV programming..


The Nollywood Phenomenon

Nollywood is the second largest film industry in the world. It produces circa 2,500 movies annually, and is extremely popular with Africans at home and the Diaspora, African-Americans, Afro-Caribbeans, and “African culture fans”.

Currently, Nollywood films significantly outsell Hollywood films in Nigeria and many countries in sub-Saharan Africa; they are available in even the most remote areas of the continent.

New forms of distribution include digital distribution pioneered by the African Movie Channel through its online high quality On-Demand services, and soon, via its Roku channel and iPad app.

African Movie Channel's 24-hour linear channel, AMC24, launched in May 2011, is available in more than 5 million homes across 14 countries. It is one of the most popular channels in Africa.

Nollywood movies are now regularly screened alongside mainstream movies in cinemas in Nigeria, Ghana, the UK and North America. Nollywood films are also receiving wider distribution as more and more Nigerian producers and directors are attending internationally acclaimed film festivals.



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  • BRAND NEW Married
    Mondays @ 18:00 GMT on AMC Series

    “Married” showcases the day to day ups and downs of a young couple who took a leap of faith into that endless adventure called ‘marriage.’ Allen falls in love and marries his campus sweetheart, Christy, despite his father’s blunt rejection of the independent young lady. Christy’s dedication to Allen is tested when her family forces her to choose between them and her lifelong love. Despite her devotion to her family, Christy makes the brave decision to choose her lover. Neither of them expect the betrayals, pains, temptations, and struggles. They are young, inexperienced, in love, and married. Can they make it? Romantic drama starring Blossom Chukwujekwu, Amaka Anioji, Oluchi Victor, Jessica Obasi.


    BRAND NEW Tales Of Eve
    Tuesdays @ 18:00 GMT on AMC Series

    A young girl experiences the horrors and repercussions of assault in rural Nigeria. Will she remain a victim or will she fight for the right to be happy? Rejected by the ones she loved; betrayed by those closest to her; hers is a heart-wrenching tale of dreams broken and hopes dashed, and of the emergence of a fighter from the ashes of defeat. Follow her story as she fights for the right to live, to love and to succeed. Drama starring Belinda Effa, Zikky Alloy, Tina Mba, Nobert Young and many more.


    BRAND NEW Daddy’s Girls
    Wednesdays 18:30 GMT on AMC Series

    Set in a middle income estate in a middle class part of town, "Daddy's girls" tells the story of Sumbo Shadare, a widowed IT expert, who runs the popular dating web-site "Find-a-match" which he runs from his garage, as he mixes managing his web-site with raising three extremely beautiful daughters. Sumbo's wife, Chinwe, has just died, leaving him alone with their three daughters..


    NEW SEASON Clinic Matters
    Mondays 18:00 GMT on AMC Series

    Clinic Matters is a comedy series that dramatizes the everyday experience of a busy doctor, his committed Nurses and their different patients with their unusual character and attitude. The tv sitcom which is produced and directed by Paul Igwe becomes the first of its kind to shoot outside the shores of Africa. Starring AMAA award winner Emeka Ossai, Lilian Esoro, Mary Ogbonna.


    Mondays 18:00 GMT on AMC Series

    The Telenovela drama series “Taste of Love” is a story full of love, betrayal, pain, joy, intrigues and the many turns of destiny. It is the first of its kind to be made and produced in Nigeria. The story tales around three major families; the Musa-Phillips', Pepples' & Rhodes' families, while bad blood reigns between these families, Kelechi and Hadiza fall head over heels in love and must ride the tides of opposition to allow their love blossom.


    3rd Wednesday 17:00 GMT on AMC

    Chisom (Tonto Dikeh) a bright and an intelligent girl, desires to be a lawyer; her dream of being a lawyer is cut short by the death of her father. Will her dream of becoming a lawyer ever come true? Also Starring Kenneth Okonkwo, Livinus Nnochiri. Prequel to Ikem & Joy Of Victory. (continues in Ikem at 18:50 GMT and concludes in Joy Of Victory at 20:40).


    AS CRAZY AS IT GETS – Saturday Night Movie
    6th Saturday 18:00 GMT on AMC

    A man who is about to propose to his girlfriend has his plans thrown away when a heavily pregnant woman shows up on his doorstep demanding that he takes care of his responsibilities. Romantic comedy starring Omoni Oboli, Chuks Chyke, Apel Orduen.


    11th Thursday 17:00 GMT on AMC

    An evil dwarf appears to be at the root of a family's bad luck, but why exactly he preys on them is a secret yet to be unearthed. Drama Patience Ozokwor, Queen Nwokoye, Halima Abubakar. Prequel to End Of Birth Of Evil. (continues in End Of Birth Of Evil 12th Friday 17:00 GMT)


    THE KINS – Saturday Night Movie
    13th Saturday 18:00 GMT on AMC

    With the thirst for vengeance, Michael damns all odds to find out his mother's killer. His quest leads him to a situation, where his life is dependent on the mercies of another, someone who has been closer to him than his own Kin. Drama starring Seun Akindele, Moyo Lawal.


    18th Thursday 17:00 GMT on AMC

    John Okafor as Don Jazzy, the entertainer, who returns to his village with a great plan of empowering the youth through a dance competition. Things get out of control and a desperate atmosphere is created as competitors try to win the game. Comedy also starring Amaechi Muonagor, Nasski Ogbuegbu. Prequel to Dgital Elders. (continues in Digital Elders 19th Friday 17:00).


    FARMER’S BRIDE – Saturday Night Movie
    20th Saturday 18:00 GMT on AMC

    After a broken relationship, two souls find themselves rebuilding the pieces of their lives on a farm in the middle of nowhere. But even life in a far off wilderness cannot keep them away from the darkness of the past they abandoned. Starring Paul Sambo, Esther Audu.


    EMILY K – Saturday Night Movie
    27th Saturday 18:00 GMT on AMC

    Emily, a terminally ill girl lives a life of hopelessness until she meets and falls in love with an everlasting optimist. Things appear to be going well but unknown to her, Ken has a deep hidden secret. Starring Seun Akindele, Empress Njamah, Chuks Chyke.



African Movie Channel’s two 24-hour linear channels, African Movie Channel and African Movie Channel Series (AMC Series), are available on multiple TV platforms in more than 5 million homes across several African countries.

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The channels are dedicated to showing only the best quality movies and series from Nigeria’s Nollywood, and the best from the rest of Africa, and are designed to be offered on various TV platforms across the African continent and beyond.

Our channels, considered to be amongst the fastest growing channels in Africa, are presently two of the most popular channels on the continent!

AMC Movies and AMC Series are the best channels of their kind there are, because over the years, AMC has built up significant experience from identifying desirable content, and has invaluable access to popular and compelling African content, and contacts in the African media industry.


In the News...

African Movie Channel Series (AMC Series) Arrives On Azam TV

International Pay TV broadcaster, African Movie Channel (AMC) today launched its second channel, African Movie Channel Series (AMC Series) on Azam Pay TV Limited’s Azam TV television platform.

From today, August 1, 2016, Azam TV’s subscribers are able to watch exciting Nollywood and other premium African TV series from a variety of genres including drama, comedy, reality and lifestyle shows, 24 hours a day.


AMC channels expand reach on CONSAT


Nigerian pay-TV platform CONSAT has added the African Movie Channel (AMC) and African Movie Channel Series (AMC Series) to its available content.

“AMC and AMC Series will offer unmatched African drama series and Nollywood content that will cater to CONSAT’s need for wholesome family viewing that is in line with African centred values for its highly discerning Nigerian audience,” said founding partners and co-directors of African Movie Channel, Yinka Mayungbo and Lola Onigbogi.


African Movie Channel Makes European Re-Entry With Lebara Play

African Movie Channel (AMC) has entered a new partnership with Lebara to distribute their offering on the new Lebara Play OTT TV service; this is the first time AMC is being licensed for distribution outside Africa.

Lebara Play boasts over 150 channels, in 13 languages as well as 3,000 movies from around the world to provide quality entertainment to the large migrant community.


African Movie Channel In New Deal With Startimes - AMC Series Launches

UK based broadcaster, African Movie Channel (AMC) announced it’s new product African Movie Channel Series on StarTimes DTT and StarSat DTH African television platforms. AMC Series is a premium African entertainment channel showcasing the best and award-winning TV soaps, comedy and drama from Nigeria, peppered with some of the best series from all over Africa, 24 hours a day for the whole family.

AMC Series will be available to StarTimes’ 5 million subscribers across 14 countries, 24-hours a day in Sub-saharan Africa. AMC has been broadcasting its popular movie channel through StarTimes and StarSat since 2012.