About AMC

African Movie Channel (AMC) is a global player in the rapidly expanding African film industry, which is the second largest film industry in the world.

African Movie Channel UK Limited is a limited company incorporated in the United Kingdom - company number 5377912, on the 28th of February, 2005. AMC has got its offices in London, UK and Lagos, Nigeria.

African Movie Channel started operations in April 2006, when it launched Europe’s first channel dedicated to top quality Nollywood and other African movies.

AMC pioneered the online digital distribution of Nollywood movies and drama series at full-screen DVD quality as standard, through its worldwide online On-Demand channel launched in May 2007, and a partnership with British Telecom (BT) on its BT Vision Download Store.

On 1st of May 2011, AMC launched its 24-hour African movies and series linear channel, African Movie Channel, playing out of London; the channel is dedicated to showing only the best quality movies and series from Nigeria’s Nollywood, and the best from the rest of Africa.

African Movie Channel is the fastest growing channel in Africa, and has very quickly become one of the most popular channels on the continent, available in millions of homes on multiple TV platforms in several African countries.

AMC has established strong content and platform partnerships, which ensures it can consistently offer the best Nollywood and African content across all distribution platforms.

AMC launched a second 24-hour linear channel, African Movie Channel Series (AMC Series) dedicated to Nollywood and African TV series, in December 2014. And a third channel, Nolly Africa showing carefully curated classic and premium Nollywood movies and series launched in 2017.